Enterprise grade infra for
Non-custodial staking & Decentralized oracles

We deploy high-performing low-cost infrastructure for our institutional and retail clients, delivering services for 20,000 direct delegators + 700,000 indirect accounts, securing over $300MM worth of assets under management.

Silicon Valley built and operated, globally distributed, self-funded.

Our engineering team intersected and worked together in SV deploying software, compute infrastructure and OffSec for META, Google, MSFT, Uber, BitMEX and Coinbase.
The team is distributed across 5 time zones, with our operations core centered in the Caribbean.
We dogfood our own products, deploying over $3MM of our own funds alongside our clients assets across multiple networks and protocols.


Running ETH validators since 2021 with 99.9% uptime.

NEAR Protocol

One of the original validators launching NEAR mainnet in September 2020.

SUI Network

One of the original validators launching SUI mainnet in May 2023.

Partnership with HERE Wallet

@here_wallet is a self-custodial wallet for NEARProtocol with a built in DEX aggregator. We have formed a partnership to allow 700,000+ here wallet customers to earn passive income while delegating their funds with Astro-Stakers.

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